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Marketing Campaigns Based on Seasonality

We are all familiar with how important “Black Friday” and the holiday season is for the retail industry. For many retailers, it is a pivotal point for their yearly sales. Many of the “box stores” can’t wait for the a gentle winter snow to get shoppers in the holiday spirit to spend money. For those in the green goods business, it isn’t the cold winter months and white fluffy snow that get shoppers in the mood to buy. It is the gentle April rains and the warm sun thawing the ground that start stirring seasonal shoppers. It is the first signs of plants and trees turning green that let us know that the busy time of year is upon us. For those selling green goods in ecommerce, this is also the time to start dialing in your marketing campaigns. You want to make sure to capitalize on the season, and convert your shoppers during the time your audience is ready to buy. Your spring months, particularly April, May and June for most parts of the country, are where you are going to see your highest volume of traffic. You will want to look at your look at your over-all marketing spend for the year, and make sure that you are proportionately allocating your budget to cover peak traffic times. Some things to consider during your busy season include increases in your email frequency, increased spending in your paid ads through the major search engines, and offering special promotions to entice the customers you already have coming to your site. These are a few examples of things to help you through your seasonal sales. Remember, diversification is key, and diving into your site’s analytics can help determine where you are getting the most “bang for your buck.” Remember that we are here to help. With years of experience in the industry, our seasoned staff here at Home and Garden Fulfillment are her to help you navigate through the data, and can offer advanced marketing solutions to help drive sales and increase conversions.

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