Proven Technological Solutions

At the heart of our fulfillment experience is our eCommerce know-how. As one of the first drop-ship fulfillment companies for the Garden eCommerce Industry we’ve been through the hurdles and challenges that you’ll see along your journey. We want to save you the trouble! Through flexible and tailored solutions, our expertise in eCommerce technology has the potential to take your business into the future.

Inventory Management Software

Managing inventory from multiple locations can get complicated in a hurry.  Home & Garden Fulfillment, Inc. has a solution for that, too! We provide easy access to our proprietary inventory management software that gives you visibility on all your inventory and their locations.  Making sure that you have visibility to your inventory split among multiple warehouses will ensure that you don’t loose track of your products.  The software easily integrates into your shopping cart functionality on your site and lets your focus on other areas to increase your bottom line.

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Shipping, Ordering, & Compliance

From start to finish Home & Garden Fulfillment, Inc. will keep your business running smoothly. 

Our combined 100+ years of experience in the Green Industry gives us the tools necessary to easily get your ordering process, shipping, and compliance efforts off the ground. From the product catalog to the checkout your customers have access to infinite aisles of Home & Garden goods all at their fingertips. On the other side of the order we give you access to opportunities that will enable a streamlined approach to your fulfillment goals.

Easier to manage makes it easier to grow!

But it isn’t just easy fulfillment access and setup that makes goals for your business achievable. In the Green Industry compliance and regulation efforts are just as important to your bottom line as the varieties you carry. Home & Garden Fulfillment, Inc. sets itself apart from the competition by offering compliance for every item within our network. Our system for compliance is called Plant Sentry™ and individually reviews each inventory item for your network member use. 

With game changing inclusivity, Home & Garden Fulfillment, Inc. has you covered from every angle!

eCommerce Fulfillment Software

Home and Garden Fulfillment, Inc. has created a proven shopping cart solution that is not only affordable, but ready for launch in short amount of time. Loaded with our extensive product catalog with infinite aisles of green and hard goods, our eCommerce fulfillment software can be easily styled to meet your business needs. 

The software solution is ready to be connected to our fulfillment network at launch, enabling orders to be immediately available for fulfillment at one of our many warehouse locations.  Right from the start, orders can be picked, packed, and shipped immediately.

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Secure Hosting & PCI Compliance

Cyber security is a top priority for eCommerce and Home & Garden Fulfillment, Inc.! Not to be taken lightly, our services in Secure Hosting & PCI Compliance focus on completely protecting your customer’s data.  Your shopping cart is delivered fully PCI compliant, from the payment gateway to the hosting environment.  We will ensure that your data stays secure by preforming all necessary security patches and software updates, a service that is included with your monthly hosting plan.