Targeted Home & Garden Marketing

Fulfillment isn’t just shipping and ordering. When it comes to meeting your bottom line there is so much more to making it happen for your business than offering a product and sending it out the door. Marketing solutions is what will drive traffic to your brand, and increase your customer traffic.  That’s why we offer a variety of marketing solutions to help your brand and business grow.  With complete focus in the home and garden industry, our team can provide you with the necessary tools to keep your business growing. 

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E-Mail Campaigns

Promotional Guidance

Merchandising Solutions

SEO Solutions

Our Solutions

From e-mail campaigns to the SEO solutions, our team of marketing experts has the marketing tools and experience to bring your business to the forefront of the Home & Garden Industry. 

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E-mail Campaigns

E-mail campaigns give your business the opportunity to connect with your customers directly through e-mail marketing efforts. Campaign design and delivery can help increase the bottom line of your business and propel it forward. 

Home & Garden Fulfillment, Inc.’s marketing solutions team can help get your campaign going and customers engaged.

Merchandising Solutions

Wanting to sell a specific product? Looking to increase traffic and revenue to particular avenues of inventory? 

We can help!

Our merchandising solutions offer industry tested tools and expertise that can help in the promotion of your goods and plant varieties. With over 40+ years of combined marketing know-how our services can get your business recognized.

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Promotional Guidance

If you’re looking for increased visibility on your business, our solutions are for you! 

We offer analytically based solutions that support proven strategies and efforts to increase sales. Our marketing made simple approach can help elevate your business and strategies competitive with the oldest of companies.

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SEO Solutions

Search Engine Optimization is the eCommerce backbone for marketing. If you’re looking to get your brand ranked on Google, recognized in promotional efforts, or competitive against the largest companies in the industry, SEO Solutions are what you need!

Our experts are able to keep you competitive in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other Search Engine platforms so that your business can maintain and keep traffic to your site.